Believe in yourself.

“A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” 

                              ~ Admiral Grace Hopper

I’m am a simple man of simple tastes. I enjoy the outdoors and being around my family. Give me my truck, my motorcycle, and my dog and I couldn’t be happier on the weekends. I have a job that pays well and gives me the free time I desire, so I couldn’t help but wonder why in the world I felt so empty when I seemed to have all the things that made me smile. Looking back now I know what I was lacking… Faith in myself.

For me, I’ve always been a minimalist. I see the clutter of the world and it drives me insane. Sometimes my simplistic lifestyle would become cluttered and it would easily overwhelm me. Be it a break up, a move, or a financial crisis, these bumps could really throw me off course. They would distract me so much that I would concern myself with the negative things and ignore how great life really was. These hurdles were so high that it took all my devotion and concentration to make it over. And in focusing only on these negative things, I lost connection with the things I loved. I came to a point where I felt lost, I felt trapped, and mostly, I just felt weak. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this is not the way I wanted to live, and that if I wanted to live differently I would have to change internally. 

Change did not come easy, as that empty feeling only made it more difficult to overcome my doubt. My mentality fought me every step of the way. I had many instances where I would be faced with a situation that once took my happiness away but managed to power through by simply believing in myself and reassuring my body and mind that the small problems in my life will never outshine the simple pleasures I hold so dear in my heart. I cannot stress how important it is to believe in yourself, as that might be all it takes to overcome even the toughest of the worlds obsticals. Do not doubt yourself, it truly can be that simple. The only way to find out is to believe in yourself, for yourself.

When faced with challenges, people approach them differently. Rather than radiating negativity towards the situation, think of it like a speed bump. You’ll have to slow down, and be careful but remember, it’s there for a reason.


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